Meet the Stoner Cats

In this episode, we chat with the team behind the Stoner Cats, an NFT adult animated short series which has some star power including Mila Kunis. We’ll hear all about their journeys into the NFT space, how they pioneered bringing a very web2 tv show concept into Web3, and how they broke the internet.



Sarah Cole 

  • In 2009, Sarah made her way into animated films as a first assistant editor. Over the course of 12 years, she has worked on several films (most notably Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) at major studios, including Paramount, Warner Brothers, Netflix, and Sony Pictures. After a year on the sequel to Spider-Verse, Sarah began working full-time on Stoner Cats, where she is one of the creators, writers, producers, and editors. Additionally, she is an early adopter of crypto and a general nerd.
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  • Sarah Cole Twitter @SarahSoSweetly

Lisa Sterbakov

  • Since 2014, Lisa has partnered with Mila Kunis and Cami Curtis on their Orchard Farm Productions. In the company’s first year in operation, Lisa sold 6 shows into development – every project they took out to the marketplace – and have since continued at a similar pace. With an equal split between comedy and drama, both cable and broadcast, she has developed with ABC, NBC, Fox, CW, Hulu, TBS, TNT, Freeform, HBO Max, and Starz, among others.
  • Additionally, OFP moved into features in 2020 and Lisa is producing numerous active projects around town at Netflix, D+, WB, and HBOM, including Luckiest Girl Alive with Netflix which completed shooting during 2021.
  • On the cutting edge of the industry, Mila and Lisa, both members of the 3050 Gang, launched three NFT projects — Stoner Cats in 2021, The Gimmicks at the top of 2022, and Armored Kingdom in the middle of 2022 — with the plan to develop multiple new shows in Web3.

The Stoner Cats Mission

In the before-times (aka pre-pandemic), three seasoned creators developed a little show called Stoner Cats. Once Mila Kunis and Orchard Farm Productions discovered it, they were immediately on board. Together they created a formidable team of Hollywood creatives, talented animators, tech and NFTs experts (including the brilliant minds behind CryptoKitties) to create and distribute Stoner Cats in a new, ground-breaking format.

But how, you ask?

So here's the thing, the only way to watch Stoner Cats is if you own a Stoner Cats TOKEn. If you own the collectible NFT, you gain membership to a super cool club. That club is your admission to the show. PLUS you'll get access to exclusive stuff and fun perks.

But why, you ask?

We believe that content creators and fans should be able to connect and trade art directly without all the bureaucratic bullshit, to put it bluntly. With blockchain technology we believe there's a new way for fans to engage directly with the content they want to watch and be a part of the content creation pro- cess. This animated series, and the NFT collectibles, is our hopeful science experiment to see who wants to joint the revolution, err did I say joint? I meant join. Join the revolution.

What does a Stoner Cats NFT get you?

A Stoner Cats NFT gets you access to watch exclusive content from the Stoner Cats animation team in perpetuity. If the project hits certain milestones, Orchard Farm Productions will develop new shows through this model. The Stoner Cat NFTs will act as lifetime passes that unlock all future content released.



  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:45 Origin story of Stoner Cats
  • 03:20 Breaking the Internet
  • 05:05 How did the team figure out NFTs
  • 08:40 Jane Fonda & NFTs
  • 10:45 Expectations for the launch
  • 16:30 Ethereum Merge & what it means for Stoner Cats
  • 18:10 How are you staying up-to-date with the market? 
  • 25:20 Roadmap and what to expect going forward

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