How to Stay Safe at Crypto & NFT Conferences

In this week’s episode of NFTruths. Mint-E Cell and I are headed to NFT.NYC and couldn’t be more excited to be sharing the streets of NYC with thousands of NFT enthusiasts. It’s all fun and games until your NFT is stolen so we’ve needed to up our security game and will be sharing with you a list of tips and tricks to stay safe when attending conferences.



Tips to Stay Safe at Crypto & NFT Conferences

Safety tips provided by @Jon_HQ

1: Don't wear NFT swag/merch outside of events or the venue.

2: Do not tell anyone your hotel room number. Do not tell people where you are staying. 

3: Leave your valuables at home, in a cold wallet.

  • Do not bring your valuable NFTs to NYC. Leave them at home, in a cold wallet or hardware wallet.
  • Any projects that require you to show a valuable NFT at the door and aren't using a solution like chain pass should be shamed.

4: Ideally, bring a burner phone, burner laptop, and charging pack.

  • Your main phone is going to be a huge target. It is much better if you can bring a burner instead, or buy a prepaid phone just for the event.
  • A prepaid smartphone can cost as little as $120 with a plan.

5: Wipe your burner phone, laptop, and anything else you brought with you once you get home.

6: If you bring your main phone/laptop…

  • You need to disable WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, any apps that have permission to turn those on, and any other nearby sharing apps or protocols your phone might support.
  • Ideally, turn off your phone at all times. Only turn it on if needed.

7: When you connect to the internet, use a VPN.

  • Do not use public wifi, use your phone data as a hotspot (not advised), and still connect with a VPN. 
  • Do so only in private places.
  • If forced to use hotel internet, bring an ethernet cord and plug-in directly (but not advised.)

8: Do not plug your phone into anything. No free chargers, no dongles, nothing.

  • Do not give your phone to anyone. Not to add an email address or their number.
  • Never leave your phone anywhere unattended.
  • Trust no one.

9: Make sure you exchange numbers with people you will be traveling with or at the event with.

  • If you run into an issue or need assistance it really does help to have trusted contacts you can reach out to. (Got to be safe out there!)

10: Before you get to NYC, make sure EVERYTHING you're bringing has been patched and updated. 

11: Make sure everything you're bringing is hard drive encrypted. 

  • This means you need to enter a password when you open the device before the hard drive and the data inside it is unencrypted.

12: Be somewhat quiet about your travel plans. Don't Livestream your location if you're out walking around on the street.

  • When you leave the venue, take off your badge. Don't broadcast your name and that you're an NFT nerd.

13: If you need to bring a digital wallet with you for events or otherwise, bring only a burner wallet. Do not bring your main wallet.

  • Transfer your NFTs or assets back to a more secure wallet once you get home

14: Don't get too drunk – and drink plenty of water while in NYC!

15: Overall – just don't bring anything with you that you can't afford to lose.

  • Be safe, don't trust anyone, and have a really good time!
  • Please share this with any friends you know are heading to NFT NYC.

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