Educating Future Generations with Gianina Skarlett (Gigi), Crypto Tech Women

In this episode of the Nifty Chicks, we chat with Gigi Skarlett, founder of Crypto Tech Women. Gigi learned to code at the age of 16 & quickly became a powerhouse in the world of tech. Crypto Tech Women is all about helping elevate & educate women to be successful in the ever-changing tech industry. 



00:00 Introduction
05:45 Stepping into the NFT space as a minority
12:30 Education in the Web3 Space
21:30Creating Jobs in Web3
23:45 Events & Networking
25:20 Future of Crypto Tech Women
26:45 Onboarding with Crypto Tech Women
32:25 Closing remarks


Venezuelan Founder, CEO, and Lead Engineer of W3 Learn Academy and CTW, a Web3 community-centric brand that has empowered 20,000+ community members worldwide to take space in Web3. Passionate about education, innovation, and the Web3 industry. Was a Software Engineer at an AI Silicon Valley company previous to joining the Web3 industry.

Gigi is originally from Venezuela and was raised in Puerto Rico. If anyone would describe Gigi they would say she’s passionate, driven, caring, lives for feedback, and is hyper-focused on helping others. She has been coding since she was 16 years old and is passionate about helping others develop their full potential through the power of education. Currently works as a software engineer at Forethought Technologies where she was the founding Frontend engineer.

Her mission is to continue to grow and lead the vision of Crypto Tech Women while ensuring the right culture is nurtured within the community. Having the right culture is her top priority and for her, the right culture is one that is inclusive, is one where everyone feels supported, encouraged, listened and cared for. Building longevity for Crypto Tech Women is her main goal. The reason she decided to include an educational platform with the project is that this is how she got started with the tech world and the power of education changed her life and she is hoping to impact others in the same way.


Crypto Tech Women

The Crypto Tech Women Community is an NFT collection of 8,888 unique ERC-721 tokens stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each are unique and randomly generated consisting of 14 different traits and 140 different attributes.

That’s why we stand by 2 main premises which are empowering women to be on tech and join the tech movement, through the power of community and education; and supporting and highlighting women in tech to succeed in tech and become thought leaders in their field. Our mission is breaking the paradigm that only man can succeed in tech.

To accomplish these two premises we are empowering women by hosting Twitter spaces every Wednesday at 8:00 AM PST with a panel made of only women where we talk about a variety of topics highlighting their journey in the web3 space. The way we will leverage the power of education will be by creating an educational boot camp for a variety of topics related to the web3 space like learning solidity that our token holders will have exclusive access to and so much more to come.


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