Diving into NFTs with Sarah Lent

In this episode, we talk marketing in Web3 with Sarah Lent, the Chief Marketing Officer at VSA partners. She shares her secret to climbing up the corporate ladder, her newest initiative working with Ripple, and a few tips for brands looking to break into the world of Web3.




Sarah Lent is the CMO at VSA partners. A seasoned marketing executive with 20 years of experience in branding, digital innovation, design, communications, and media, Sarah fosters growth at VSA by combining the rigour of a strategic consulting practice with the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of design. VSA was recently named crypto-solutions company Ripple’s premiere creative partner for the Creator Fund, a $250 million commitment to help indie creators bring their NFT projects to market on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Her career has been fuelled by a deep passion for taking emerging technologies and coupling them with world-class creativity to contextualize them in the real world. She continually looks for the leapfrog moments of change and leads with empathy while taking clients on a journey into the unknown.

Check out NFTS and the great diving board by Sarah Lent!


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