Creating Crypto Goddesses (and Gods) with Lindsay Rosenthal

In this episode, we talk with the founder of NFT project: Crypto Goddess/God, Lindsay Rosenthal. She talks about how she balances being a full-time student and full-time project leader… and the impact she wants to make on the world by funding the education for up to 25 girls in India with the minting of just one of her NFTs.  




As a young female founder still in college and 21 years old, I have created one of the most powerful and influential communities leading the transition from web2 to web3. My Crypto Goddess/God collection is creating beautiful one of one art of the 1000 (500 goddesses, 500 gods) most incredible and influential individuals in web3 and finance. The collection is backed by the Solana foundation and partnering with Educate Girls Globally and UN nonprofit, Girl Up. Each one of our minted NFTs will fund a year of schooling for either 20 refugee girls in Ethiopia or Uganda or 25 high school girls in India.

Additionally, I am founding a platform to utilize the amazing minds in the CG community to gamify the web2 to web3 bridge. This platform will create a completely curated experience to be able to NETWORK, LEARN, and DEVELOP in the web3 world gated by an exclusive social token and powered by the project's work token benefitting all goddesses, gods, NFT holders, and token holders. This platform will be the innovation hub for all of the CEO, entrepreneurs, and market leaders that our Crypto Goddess collection is highlights and their communities.



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