STOP Waiting for Permission with Jen Greyson

In this episode of the NiFTy Chicks, we have the pleasure of chatting with Jen Greyson, co-host of Cryptocurren-SHE, Author of 60+ books & Blockchain Sisterhood founder.  Jen says let's STOP waiting for permission!




Jen Greyson is a global advocate for crypto's empowerment of women, speaking on stages from Monaco to The Kentucky Derby. In addition to being a business owner, she sits on the board of the Kerala Blockchain Academy in Kerala, India, a female-founded institution turning out STEM and blockchain leaders. Jen's global recognitions include the Female 50: Top Crypto Influencers, Top 8 Women in Crypto, 10 Most Inspiring Women in Blockchain, and Top 100 People in Blockchain. She is the co-host of CryptocurrenSHE, a podcast demystifying crypto; founder of The Blockchain Sisterhood, a global community of 50+ founders and thought-leaders; author of over 60 books and Crypto Purse Strings, a newsletter making crypto easy. She is currently working with major brands on the design and launch of The Crypto Purse. She believes women are the “killer app.”

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:00 Jen Greyson background
  • 03:45 Web3 being a feminine movement
  • 07:00 Why is there such a gap in the volume of men versus women in the space?
  • 13:20 Calling out all the gals in the space! Stop waiting for permission!
  • 17:15 The Story of Jen’s backdrop (HINT: you will want to go check it out on YouTube)
  • 24:30 What is next for Jen Greyson?
  • 26:00 Connecting with Jen Greyson — Best linkage:

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